Practice Areas

Business Economics
Spectrum Economics, Inc. provides economic analysis of business enterprises. The firm has expertise in the following areas: business interruption losses, securities fraud, valuing financial assets and contracts, valuing startup companies, valuing businesses or professional practices, and valuing intangible assets. Our professionals have also consulted in antitrust cases that relate to price fixing and bid rigging, discriminatory pricing, monopolization, restraint of trade, and mergers and acquisitions.

Personal Injury, FELA, Jones Act
Spectrum professionals provide consulting for employment litigation and lost earnings damages. Spectrum has developed computer and financial models to analyze lost earnings in personal injury, wrongful death, FELA, Jones Act and discrimination cases.

Labor Economics
Our labor practice has assisted clients in a wide variety of matters including ERISA, ADEA, racial and sexual discrimination and wage studies for labor contract evaluation during bankruptcy proceedings. Members of the labor group have also provided expert advice and testimony in housing discrimination matters.

Energy Economics / Utility Regulation
Spectrum Economics has undertaken numerous large utility studies that dealt with issues such as gas supply options, competitiveness of commodity transportation issues, the economics of mergers, and peak load forecasting models. Our staff also has conducted several electric and natural gas supply options studies.

Statistical Audits
Spectrum Economics has assisted medical providers to defend against statistical audits used by state and federal agencies to disallow claims for Medicaid and Medicare.