Energy Economics / Utility Consulting

Spectrum Economics has undertaken numerous large utility studies that dealt with issues such as gas supply options, competitiveness of commodity transportation issues, the economics of mergers, and peak load forecasting models. Our staff also has conducted several electric and natural gas supply options studies.

  • Policy Analysis  –  Evaluate mergers/acquisitions, rate change filings and other proposals for economic impacts on competitive, consumer and provider interests.
  • Weather Normalization  –  Compute energy use and capacity needs based on normal weather patterns. Compute the impact of abnormal weather on energy demand, sales, margins and hedging operations.
  • Load Forecasting  –  At system and customer-specific levels, analyze and model expected base and peak energy use (electric and natural gas) and determine optimal system capacity and the need for plant investment.
  • Commodity Transportation  –  Evaluate pipeline and other energy transportation economics, system valuation and pricing.
  • Utility Mergers and Acquisitions  –  Evaluate the economic and competitive impact of proposed mergers and determine the value of specific energy assets.
  • Supply Option Studies  –  Evaluate system-wide energy needs and evaluate the economics of meeting those needs through alternative capacity and design.
  • Commodity Hedge Modeling  –  Construct commodity models to hedge price and supply. Evaluate the economics of existing hedging operations, including the interplay of financial and use/system considerations.
  • Rate Case Testimony  –  Testify on the above issues and on rate cases before utility commissions in jurisdictions nationwide.