Financial Services

Spectrum Economics has consulted and testified in numerous matters involving financial services firms and their products. Our expertise includes:

  • Broker / Agent Disputes  –  Evaluate client transfer and the return on and value of client relationships following claimed violations of broker / agent non-compete and non-solicitation agreements in numerous financial services cases.
  • Commodity Hedge Modeling  –  Construct commodity models to hedge price and supply. Evaluate the economics of existing hedging operations, including the interplay of financial and use/system considerations. Compute the financial return on agricultural hedge-to-arrive contracts.
  • Lender Liability  –  Evaluate financial considerations, including a borrower’s fair market value, credit risk and internal cash generation capacity, in denial of funding claims. Analyze prepayment penalties.
  • Valuation of Financial Institutions  –  Compute the fair market value of privately-held financial institutions and complex derivative portfolios. Evaluate bank financial presentations in 10b-5 suits against auditors.
  • Director Responsibility  –  Evaluate director liability and the causes of failure by financial institutions.