Eric Frye CV

Mr. Frye specializes in financial and economic analysis. He has several years experience analyzing business plans of small and medium size companies including the development of financial models to forecast future performance. Mr. Frye has a B.A. in Economics from DePauw University and an MBA in Finance and Economics from Indiana University.


Mr. Frye is Vice President at Spectrum Economics specializing in financial and economic analysis. He specializes in business valuation and financial analysis and modeling. Mr. Frye’s responsibilities also include estimation of lost profits, personal damage analysis and numerous aspects of the project management.


Mr. Frye has eighteen years experience in investment banking, business valuation and financial analysis. He has several years experience developing and analyzing business plans of small and medium size companies including the development of financial models to forecast future performance and compute value. He has participated in the development of several financial models and software packages.

Work History

Vice President, Senior Analyst, Spectrum Economics, Inc.

Senior Associate, Financial Analyst, Austin Capital Group, Inc.

Registered Representative, Research Assistant, Twentieth Century Investors, Inc.

Securities Clerk, The Exchange Place, Inc.


MBA with concentrations in Finance and Economics, Indiana University

BA in Economics, DePauw University

Associations and Memberships

Chartered Financial Analyst, the CFA Institute

Kansas City CFA Society

American Society of Appraisers, Senior Member (Business Valuation)

The American Society of Appraisers has a mandatory recertification program for all of its Senior Members. I am in compliance with that program.

American Society of Appraisers, Chapter 101, past President and Treasurer

Rotary International, Club 13

Brookside Soccer Club, Coordinator and Board Member

Articles and Papers

“Historical Averages and The “Real Rate” of Interest,” with Christopher C. Pflaum and Steven S. Duncan. Litigation Economics Digest. Summer 1997. Volume II, Number 2.

“The Calculation of Lost Pension Benefits: A Comment,” with David Hatcher. Litigation Economics Digest. Spring 1998. Volume III, Number 1.

Seminars and Speeches

“But Is It Economics? Recognizing Economic Junk Science” presentation sponsored by Lorman Education Services, Continuing Legal Education Seminar on Expert Witnesses, Kansas City, Missouri, March 20, 1997.

Civil Litigation Testimony

Gower v. Gower, Case No. DR94-1020, Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, at Independence. Evaluation of the present value of retirement benefits in a divorce action. Attorney – John R. Loss; Field, Gentry & Benjamin (Kansas City, Missouri).

Jarre Creek Ranch, LLC v. Casa de Herrera, Inc., Case No. 99 CV 822, Douglas County District Court State of Colorado. Testify regarding a brew pub’s claim for lost profits in a case alleging misrepresentation. Attorney – Walter J. Downing; Hall & Evans (Denver, Colorado).

Cheryl McAnally and Rita Ulin-Shewmake v. St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Case No. CV 199-310CC, Circuit Court for the County of Jasper, State of Missouri. Estimate lost earnings and business profits in a wrongful termination case. Attorney – Jeanie DeVeney; Spencer, Fane, Britt et al (Overland Park, Kansas).

The Sports Management Group, Plaintiff-Intervener, vs. Carlito’s Mexican Food, Inc., Plaintiff, vs. American Permanent Ware Co., Defendant, Case No. 198-8749 CC, Circuit Court of Clay County, State of Missouri. Estimate lost profits in a business interruption case. Attorneys – James Conkright, Sanders Conkright & Warren LLP (Kansas City, Missouri); and Dennis Cassidy, Brown & James (Kansas City, Missouri).

Walter Odinas v. Noe Rodriguez, et al, Case No. A455341, Department No. XI, District Court of Clark County, State of Nevada. Estimate the present value of a life care plan in a personal injury case. Attorneys – Eric Taylor and Kurt Bonds; Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen, Nelson & Sanders (Las Vegas, Nevada).

DLJ Pharmaceutical v. Lincare, Inc., Case No. 03-0144-CV-W-GAF, United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Western Division. Estimate lost sales margin in a breach of contract case. Attorney – Hal D. Meltzer; Baker, Sterchi, Cowden & Rice (Kansas City, Missouri).

Welch Products, Inc. v. Cumberland Engineering, Cause No. 4:03CV00147MLM, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Analyze lost profits following a plant fire. Attorney – Jeffrey L. Dunn; Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard (St. Louis, Missouri).

Julie Ungashick Crain v. Shick Tube-Veyor Corporation, Case No. 03CV219060, Arbitration, Jackson County, Division 4. Evaluate and explain the proper using of business valuation multiples. Attorney – David Wing; Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP, (Kansas City, Missouri).

Archer Alexander Securities Corporation v. Jamie L Solow and Ryan Beck & Co., NASD-DR No. 04-04151, NASD Arbitration. Estimate the lost value of a securities broker-dealer in a breach of fiduciary duty case. Attorney – Paul G. Schepers; Seigfreid, Bingham, Levy, Selzer & Gee, (Kansas City, Missouri).

Jonathan F. Johnson v. SuperValu Inc. and Richfood Inc., At Law No. L5785-4, Circuit Court of the City of Richmond in the State of Virginia. Analyze lost earnings and the value of lost shares in a supermarket chain following in a breach of contract case. Attorney – Verbena M. Askew: The Verbena Askew Law Firm (Hampton, Virginia).

LLRICE 601 Contamination Litigation, Master Doct No. 4:06MD1811, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division. Analyze lost profits and other damages to plaintiff rice farmers in a product contamination case. Attorney – Donald M. Downing; Gray, Ritter & Graham, PC (St. Louis, Missouri).